Introducing the ‘Excellence & Growth Schools Network’

The ‘EG Schools Network’ has been set up by a group of schools leaders who are interested in fostering a growth mindset within their schools.  As a network of schools we are committed to developing a culture of excellence and aspiration in everything we do within our whole community.  Over time, we are hoping that the network will grow.

By doing this we will:

  • Raise aspirations of students, staff, families and the whole community
  • Develop and instil a desire for learning that is deep and lasting
  • Foster a growth mindset
  • Transform the life chances of our young people by realising their potential

We believe that this is achieved by embedding the following qualities and attributes of ‘Excellence & Growth’:

  • An ethic of hard work and deliberate practice – with a view to mastering key academic content and skills;
  • A culture and expectation of excellence – through academic rigour, challenge and high expectations;
  • Perseverance and resilience – so developing an understanding that struggle and overcoming obstacles are both key to success;
  • An ability to think critically and solve problems;
  • An appreciation and understanding of feedback and critique– as a means of developing a deep learning;
  • An ability to communicate ideas well and work collaboratively.

The network of schools will support each other with this by:

  • Sharing case studies of strategies and techniques that schools have used to develop growth and excellence through a regularly updated blog;
  • Share blog articles relating to developing a Growth Mindset;
  • Sharing knowledge and resources;
  • Offering consultancy support for schools;
  • Facilitating collaborative work and visits between schools;
  • Organising annual conferences to share best practice;
  • Organising webinars to support collaboration and development.

5 thoughts on “Introducing the ‘Excellence & Growth Schools Network’

  1. Lou Sullivan

    Love the idea of being a Growth Mindset Dchool. Just wondering what happens to G&T as a label/category/measurement? Is it possible to reject it and still be seen as credible by Ofsted. I for one would love to eliminate the G&T label altogether as it suggests you don’t need to work harder to be smarter!

  2. Katharine Elwis

    We are fostering a Growth Mindset in our small rural primary. The children love it and the concept has spread to the parents and even the wider community. It would be great to have the support of fellow travellers!


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