Continuing my journey into the growth mind set – notes from tonight’s 15 Minute Forum!

Angmering – sharing excellence in the classroom

Carol Dweck believes that people’s mindsets have a profound effect on learning.
She describes 2 mindsets – fixed and growth.
In order for students to reach their potential then teachers and students need to learn the growth mindset. That way we’ll have even better students and even better teachers!

Intelligence is fixed.
Students are bright or not very bright.
If they can’t do it now they probably never will.
Intelligence is changeable and can be improved.
Mistakes are a starting point.
If I can’t do it now then I can learn how to.


Successful individuals love learning, value effort and persist in the face of obstacles.

Teaching students the growth mindset – the clear message is that your brain can develop and improve with hard work and effort.

We value students effort and not their intelligence!

Kohn says carrots and sticks are both forms of manipulation and neither…

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