Environmental Givens: Researching reading and Growth Mindset



When I was growing up I was taught to look for the explanation of all human qualities, actions and phenomena in the environment in which they originated

A Man in Love Karl Ove Knausgaard

I am currently reading, which is actually a quite inadequate verb to describe the experience, Knausgaard’s My Struggle. I have been wandering why I have embarked on this – it is 6 volumes, each of around 400 pages, and currently only the first three have been translated from Norwegian into English. Why do I feel compelled to grapple with a text of such length and density? Is it the full page ads in The Guardian, the ecstatic reviews from the likes of Zadie Smith or my vague interest in all things Northern European? A bit of each I guess, though Knausgaard’s visceral honesty and stylistic finesse, which enables him to engage the reader throughout a…

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