Brendan Rogers and Growth Mindset – Assembly Notes

...but is it on the test?

[ based on this interview]

In the final week of the Premier League season I gave this assembly. The idea was to talk about my team, Liverpool, and what its manager Brendan Rogers can teach us about coping with failure…

In a recent interview, the Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was asked to reflect on the key factor in his recent success as a manager. Many would have expected him to cite his years of experience working with Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, or the years learning Spanish and Spanish football tactics in Spain. However, Rogers’ somewhat surprising response was ‘failure’ – ‘the key to success is failure’. This may seem a strange idea, learning how to deal with failure is a crucial part of making effective progress, not just for football managers, but for all of us as students and teachers.

As football fans will know, Liverpool have undergone a…

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1 thought on “Brendan Rogers and Growth Mindset – Assembly Notes

  1. Glynpotts

    Having been on a one man mission to introduce a growth mindset within school, I am pleased that this is not only discussed regularly by others, such as yourself, but that also my school and head are now embracing the manifesto. What encourages me more is that I too as a Liverpool fan have commented on BRs style and his relentless pursuit of positive in the sight of difficulty.

    Love the blog and the site. I am leading on growth in my school, we are only at the start but we will grow strong.




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