Error Seeking

Marginal Learning Gains

This Marginal Learning Gain is probably one of the purest as it really is tiny…but with big effect. Frequently, quality learning and thinking opportunities are missed when students’ misconceptions are overlooked or not recognised. The drive to ‘get things covered’ can often very understandably be overwhelming but with this, we may find that we miss some fabulous opportunities for our learners to delve deeper, address frequently occurring misconceptions or simply enhance the feedback we get from learners that can directly inform our immediate next (teaching) steps.

Often,  a clarification question will have the sole purpose to check that students are on the right track, give us information as to who’s ‘got it’ and thereby give us the cue to move on. But in doing so, there is a chance that we miss out on valuable feedback to inform exactly what our next steps need to be to maximise the…

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