Great Lessons 3: Challenge


Who is up for a challenge? Who is up for a challenge?

Number 3 in the Great Lessons series:
Great Lessons 1: Probing   Great Lessons 2: Rigour

These posts focus on the habits of great teaching; not one-off strategies but the things we do every day.

3. Challenge:

  • Subtitle 1:  The thrill of the chase.
  • Subtitle 2:  No struggle; no learning
  • Subtitle 3:  Beware the Buzz that drowns the Fuzz.  (I made that up.)

How do you know that a lesson is a great lesson? Sometimes as you enter a classroom, or even before you open the door, you detect a buzz of activity; the students are busily engaged in discussion or group work trying to solve a problem or work out the grammar rules; they might be excitedly getting stuck into their practical work or setting up the apparatus for their experiments.  It might be that a student is standing at…

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