It’s been 128 days since my last blog….


The following charts our journey at Huntington School in developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ culture. Follow the 10 point plan-take from this as you will!     

  1. Initial Research

We spent several months of initial research focusing on;

How do we develop student motivation and raise aspirations at Huntington school?

We read every book we could find; talked to students and staff; worked with Zoe Elder (many thanks for the initial guidance) on shaping our vision and more importantly focused very squarely on our end goal. What did we find? See our initial results below, it makes interesting reading.  

JLT Action Research_summary document

Motivational Model-completed

  1. Plan then plan again

Feed your initial findings into your planning. Plan and then plan again. Raise the status of the work by making it a whole school development priority. Don’t treat it as a woolly or fluffy piece of work that looks good on the surface but lacks substance…

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