The Benefits of Regular Retrieval Practice

Class Teaching

quizThe first 15 minute forum of the new year was led tonight by Andy Tharby.  Andy was discussing strategies that can be used to develop memory.

Why knowledge is important

1. The more automatic and effortless their knowledge is, the easier it is to stretch and challenge students.  A good analogy here is driving a car.  The more you practise driving a car, the more effortless it becomes – the less you think about. This allows you to do more whilst driving e.g. plan your lessons for the day ahead!

How does this apply to school?  Well, if students know their multiplication tables, they can solve more complex problems much quicker.  Similarly in English, if students have a good grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar, writing becomes much easier.  So knowledge is key as it’s the bedrock of everything we do.

2.  Critical thinking requires background knowledge.  If you are…

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