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This article was written for SecEd magazine and published in September 2014. You can read the original version here. You can read my other articles for SecEd magazine here. I’ve produced an info graphic version of this article which you can download here.


The most effective way to raise student attainment, according to Ron Berger in his book An Ethic of Excellence, is to create a culture in which every child strives to create his or her very best work every day and has a stake in the collective success or failure of his or her class.

I’ve taken the liberty of translating Berger’s “secret” into eight principles of teaching practice – the cornerstones, if you like, of a successful classroom:

  1. High quality work.
  2. Genuine research.
  3. A real audience.
  4. In-built differentiation.
  5. Collective responsibility.
  6. Class critique.
  7. Modelling success.
  8. Drafting and redrafting.

High-quality work

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