Growth Mindset?


(“Growth Mindset is not new. It’s what good teachers have been doing for years”- Ming the Merciless, Swansea restaurant, November 2014.)

As always I’m writing this blog to clarify my thinking on something (in this instance it is Growth Mindset). My whole school assembly last week mentioned the term Growth Mindset for the first time (even though I hope the message was similar to previous assemblies).


I have been suitably inspired by blogs on GM by @johntomsett here, @shaun_allison here, @dan_brinton here, @ewenfields here, @pekabelo here, @fullonlearning here, @HuntingEnglish here and @chrishildrew here. If you want to know more about Growth Mindset then please read them (all of them)!
All good schools will have a growth mindset ethos and I really liked how the above mentioned colleagues are implementing the ideas of Carol Dweck. More importantly was how the message of growth mindset was…

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