Worth the effort?

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effort dweck

Like most schools, at each data capture point (three times a year for each year group), we also ask teachers to give an ‘effort grade’ for each student.  Up until now, the rubric we used for this was fairly bland and not really used that effectively.  This is not too smart, from a school that celebrates and subscribes to the idea of developing a growth mindset.  To address this, Andy Tharby gathered a group of staff to re-write the effort rubric.  This is what they came up with:


The first group to have this applied to them were Y11 this week – by each of their teachers.  We’ve had a look at the correlation between their effort score (1= exemplary, 2=consistent, 3= inconsistent and 4 = poor) and it’s summarised by this graph;

effort graph

What does this tell us? Not surprisingly, that effort matters!  In my mind though, it’s what happens after…

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